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Upozornění / Notice

Platby přes bránu PayU použivájí odlišné číslo účtu, než má VŠB-TUO, což je v pořádku a není to důvod k obavám. Peníze budou následně korektně připsány na univerzitní účet.
Payments through the PayU gateway use a different account number than that of VSB-TUO, which is fine and not a cause for concern. The money will then be correctly credited to the university account.


What is EPS?

Electronic payment system (Internet) payment for goods (services) VSB-TUO.


For questions, suggestions for improvements or problems with EPS you can contact the Help Desk CIT-EPS or send an email to .

EPS Security

EPS is secured by several standard ways:
  • communication between a web browser (client) and server is encrypted by SSL EPS (128B) protocol
    • browser status bar is yellow lock
    • field for entering the address begins with "https:"
      status bar with lock
    • tapping the castle you can see certificate information
  • EPS certificate issued and signed by a international trusted certification authority Terena SSL CA. For more information, visit CA-VSB Ostrava.

Selection of goods

Goods (services) are classified into categories that can be found in the navigation menu on the right above. Click on a category name to view its contents. Some products have additional attributes that need to be carefully selected or entered.

Insert to cart

Put products into your shopping cart icon Add to cart located on the right side of the title product. The successful insertion products into your cart you are reporting information that is displayed above the list of goods and updated information line (top bar applications) on the number of items and the total price in the cart. The quantity of goods re-elects its insertion into the cart. Some goods can be put into the cart only once.

Removal of goods from the cart

In the navigation menu on the right hand in the "Options" select the "Shopping cart" or click on the information line of the content of your cart. The list of goods in the cart, you can remove by clicking on the cross Remove to cart. Now delete the entire contents by selecting "Empty cart" in the navigation menu (left - Options menu). After confirming the cart cleared.

Payment for goods

EPS supports several methods of payment. Some payment methods may not always be available.
  • payment from abroad is online payment or bank transfer (AliPay, ChinaPay, WeChatPay, Trustly, SOFORT, POLI, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay, EBIXcash, iDEAL...) via CONVERA
  • Credit card VISA, MasterCard when using 3D Secure solution from ČSOB according to international safety standards
  • fast online transfer for mBank, KB, ePlatba (Raiffeisen banks), Moneta, Fio bank, Ceska sporitelna bank, UniCredit from PayU (Czech Republic only)
  • other payments - bank transfer, postal order (Czech Republic only)
If you are in the cart of goods, it is possible in the navigation menu "Options" choose "Make payment". Then displays the contents of the cart and the total price of purchase. If you agree with the contents of shopping cart, click on one of the possible ways of payment. Subsequently, the order will be accepted and registered browser will be redirected to the payment gateway. Change how you pay for the collection and forwarding to the payment gateway is no longer the limit and need to create a new order (original order is reversed itself over time)!!!
Depending on the method of payment you will be prompted to enter the necessary data
  • paying from abroad - you will be redirected to the CONVERA platform, where you select the country you are paying from and confirm the amount to be paid. You will be presented with a menu for the payment method and its price in local currencies, from which you choose one. You confirm the customer information, fill in the payer information and receive information to process the payment. Convera customer support
  • credit card payment - credit card number, card expiration date, and CVV2/CVC2 code - last three digits printed on the signature strip of your card. If the card is not listed CVV2/CVC2 code and you are sure that the card is blocked for Internet payments, so you do not complete and submit the form without it. After sending the data on your card, you may be asked to identify additional password.
  • online transfer - you will be redirected to the selected bank internet banking. After logging in you will see a pre-filled payment order is confirmed (Czech Republic only).
  • other payments - will be generated prescription (data) for the payment of regular orders bank transfer or Postal money order (account number, variable and specific symbol).
The result of the payment transaction information and then you redirect you back to the fire, where you will again be informed of order status. Alternatively, you can be redirected back to the system (web site) from which you get to EPS. After successful payment you will be sent an e-mail with information about the order and its contents (list items).
Some products (deposits, certain tuition fees) are immediately given after a successful payment (the amount credited to the destination account, etc.). When using other payments may take several hours or days before EPS confirm that the order was paid (eg bank transfer 1-2 days after the SMS in the bank).
When paying through the gate PayU is quite right that account, for which the money is transferred VSB-TUO is not, but the company PayU that after receiving the money transfer to account University.
Paying for goods (services) there is a contract of sale between the seller (Technical University of Ostrava) and the customer. The customer has the right to withdrawal from the contract.

Cancel order

Order not paid will automatically be canceled. The time required for cancellation is dependent on the reason that leads to it. For example. invalid cards, unauthorized payments on the Internet, lack of balance in the account and so on., will cause immediate cancellation. In other cases (interrupt when entering the data into the payment gateway, leaving this process), the cancellation may be delayed up to several days, which is 100% clear that no payment and no.

Order history

Every purchase is carefully recorded so you can see at any time as and when you bought. The history of the orders you get through the navigation menu "Options" select "Order History". Each order is assigned a unique number which may be required for the collection of goods (services) or any claim. In addition, you will learn the price of your order when you created it, and the state paid them. Similarly, the entries contain information on price, condition and provision. If no successful payment order, its status will be set to "zamítnutá" (eg due to lack of money in the account, invalid card, unauthorized card for Internet payments) or "stornovaná" (data entry in the bank's payment gateway has been suspended or has been unsuccessful).
When making a claim for goods not yet been granted, the status of an item may take orders other conditions. By recognizing the claim by an authorized person changes status to "k vrácení". And when the carrying case is made, refund status changes to "vrácená".

Problems with payment card

Card payments are outside of our server business, because they operate beyond our control. If you can not pay your credit card, check that:
  • your card is valid
  • you have entered data correctly without spaces and slashes (eg date of the card)
  • correctly entered the verification three digits from the back of the card
  • it can be used for electronic payments 3D Secure
  • this card can be used for payment in our stores (list of accepted cards)
  • you have in your account sufficient funds
  • you have not exceeded the financial limit on your card for one payment
  • your browser does not block the payment as a potentially dangerous event - in this case in the browser settings reduce the level of protection. Credit reports are secured to the highest possible level and there is no reason to fear abuse payments
Explanation of some return values:
  • Rejected in 3D, the card is blocked
    Includes reasons that suggest misuse of credit cards - stolen cards, suspected fraud, lost card.
  • Rejected in 3D, authorization rejected
    Publisher, or authorization Finance Association rejected without giving any reason.
  • Rejected in 3D, the problem
    Expired cards card bad card number, the card is not authorized for Internet payments, invalid card, invalid card number, the amount exceeds the maximum card limit, invalid CVC/CVV, invalid card number length, invalid expiration time for the check card PIN is required.
  • Rejected in 3D, a technical problem
    Authorization can not be performed due to technical reasons - technical problems in the systems of card issuers, financial or financial associations and processors.
  • Rejected in 3D, the problem account
    Lack of funds in the account exceeded the limit is exceeded maximum allowable number of applications.
  • 3D Secure: technical problem in connection with the authorization center
    Payment failed, payment was not realized. Create a new order and make payment again.

Provision of goods (services)

After successful payment, when you fire it will confirm by email, you can claim the grant paid for goods (services) and the destination for which the goods are destined. Tuition fees for study department, deposits on the target system (deposit for meals - menza, deposit copiers - card center). Some goods are provided automatically (deposits, certain tuition fees). As proof of payment is e-mail that was sent to you.

Warranty - withdrawal

The goods (services) purchased through the Internet are subject to §53, section 7 and §54 of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic with a withdrawal period of 14 days to return goods after payment without giving a reason other than because the goods were already provided.


If you find after payment that a service you have selected it by mistake or you do not need to be visit the department for which the service is intended to apply for and claim (for refund):
  • deposits
    deposits EPS system can be realized only in exceptional cases (eg the handling of the output sheet at the end) pick (withdraw money) at the checkout of the system. It is unacceptable to deposit with the intention to implement, it will soon pick up the cash, even in part.
    • canteen
      relevant treasury for the canteen
    • copiers
      all the places where you can deposit/withdraw cash at copiers
  • other services
    • card service center
      card center, the main building of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava - Faculty of Arts, Room A148
    • fees associated with the study in determining the composition and amount
      study department of the faculty
    • courses ITVS
      ITVS Secretariat, flap: 6166, Building T Poruba
    • EkF courses
      Ing. Drastich Martin, Ph.D., flap: 2225, Faculty of Economics Ostrava Room D239
Addresses, maps VSB-TUO and contact person.
In the event of a warranty, the item changes the status of orders "k vrácení". The amount claimed for the goods (service) will be within a few days returned to the payer and the order item status changes to "vrácená". The change of status will be communicated via email.

Privacy statement

Pay maximum attention to safety and make every possible effort to be as high as possible. Our online store is operated in accordance with law 101/200 Coll. Privacy and information. By registering to our online store you agree that the information about your purchases will be collected and used. To these are handled exclusively by statutory procedures and standards. Your data is confidential and under no circumstances are not and will not be disclosed to other entities outside the VSB-TUO, except partnerů ensure payments such as banks, companies issuing credit cards, etc. But always only in one particular payment using these services and only within the law to protect personal data.

Credit card payment is safe!

Card payments using 3D Secure solutions are one of the most reliable and safest ways to pay by credit card on the Internet.
  • use 3D Secure solution - the latest way to safely and conveniently pay by credit card on the Internet developed Asociaciacemi MasterCard card and Visa
  • information on your credit card directly to the bank
  • workers, none of our universities do not have access to data on your credit card
  • data transfer takes place via a secure HTTPS protocol, which encrypts information:
    • browser status bar is yellow lock
    • field for entering the address begins with "https:"
      status bar with lock
    • double-click the lock appears certificate information
  • presence of logos Verified by VISA card association Visa and MasterCard Secure Code card association MasterCard guarantees secure payment in our online store.

What cards are accepted?

  • Eurocard/MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • DC
Whether the card is applicable to payments on the Internet depends on publishing bank. Normally you can use all embossed. For electronic payment cards, the situation is more complicated, you know her by CVV2/CVC2 code - last three digits printed on the signature strip of your card.
To check if your card is applicable to secure online payments - 3D Secure We recommend you contact your bank or visit the website of your bank.

Terms and conditions and purchase order is valid from 11/01/2006.
Updated: 02/22/2017